hJOP is a software package allowing dispatchers to control a model railway via interface based on ZTP-JOP. ZTP-JOP is a GUI specification for real computer-controlled railway systems heavily used in the Czech Republic.

hJOP control panel of stations Lesná and Skály.
hJOP control panel of stations Lesná and Skály.

hJOP is nowadays deployed on multiple model railways in Model Railroader Club Brno I (pages available in czech only). hJOP is used to control layouts on exhibitions as well as on internal club events. hJOP is also deployed on model railways in Laboratory of Railroad Control, MENDEL university Brno.

hJOP allows to create any model railroad layout, it is as simple as drawing images in MS Paint. However one needs to have some basic knowledge of real Railroad safety systems.

This project is developed as an opensource under Apache License v2.0. Anyone can download source codes or compiled binaries.

The software package consists of multiple applications. It mainly targets on users in the Czech Republic. Graphic interface and many materials are available in czech only. The aim of this english page is to provide basic information about hJOP existence, not to motivate english-speaking users to use hJOP. We do not currently plan to translate hJOP to any other languages than czech.

More information is available in czech version of this page.